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Millennia’s 10 rules to grant successful.

By Ruben Barrera Millan.

Millennia´s are here to rule (so they think) so let´s provide them with these 10 rules to make them life easy (at the end, that is the way they become what they are!)

1.- Your fathers are there for you (with their money too) to support your studies, beyond your carrier, your employment and your married (if that would ever happen!).

2.- It is not enough to be right among other opinions, it is a must to position your point, others opinions are not relevant, but yours are the brightest (so that says your mom) …

3.- Technology is an enabler, a mean, the prime focus of your existence, if your boss struggles with new SW version or mobile apps, spend the less time to explain, at the end they only want to make calls and send emails.

4.- Identify those actions that provides you the more sounded results. Do not waste your time in hard low level and routinely activities, those are for the machines. Remember you are here to make the difference!

5.- It is not a must to please your parents, remember they belong to the so called X generation, and that their ways of working are not that efficient, as you clearly understand that at home. Keep ignoring that awful statement: “When you get to have your house you would command!”

6.- Command for actions, not manners (at the end, who cares if you say: Please, good morning, or hello?)

7.- Why to follow the rules? rules are for those to obey, you are so unique that rules simply do not apply to you, jump them and you would reach success sooner (3 months or so, ok, 6 but no more. If not, follow the next rule)

8.- It has been 6 months and your boss is not promoting you to take his place, or the boss of your boss place? what are they waiting for? have not yet realized the wonderful and unique you are? Leave that job and find a new one, meanwhile you can rest at your dad’s home.

9.- Accountability? That is the capitalism name for slavery, you are so able to determine your time, and your working time, which should also comprise the time you spend (or invest) in your social network contribution. It is enough work to find similar solutions in the intranet to copy-paste and reword to fit your duties. Remember, the only accountability that matters is to yourself!

10.- Being sitting at a desk does not fit with you. Look for a homeworking scheme. Which fit your lifestyle, that is: dress jeans, T-shirt and a jacket and being connected from your sofa, or bed; request for pizza, or Chinese food (via internet) and answering messages from 5 different social network apps. That is better than dressing an uncomfortable suit, black shoes, a tie and 2 hours in the traffic jam.

11.- Ha! Did you really though 10 are enough… sweet kiddo! Remember you are here to dedicate your life to what it please you (not what society needs) so if you want to become a gamer or a Meme artist that results in a thousand likes you are in the right direction, your dream to make a viral post is closer!

12.- Take care of the planet and the animal life! Make older realize that they are killing the world by eating meat, using gas and building apartments. Make them use solar and wind generators (to turn on your wearables and Wifi access points) and make them eat vegetables with vitamin complements. That is your mission: to leave a better planet to your… inventions (did you thought kids??? Come on! we are talking about millennia’s… kids are for X gen, remember Millennia’s are not willing to take responsibilities for anything more than their desires).

So we are pretty sure following these effort less rules will secure your success.

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